Bulletin Inserts

The Lord God welcomes you to this page to spread His word.

    The inserts listed below can be downloaded and printed for use in your church bulletins.  They are in Word format as a 1/2 printed landscape formatted page .  We will add to this list, so visit often to find new inserts.

    * Amen
    * A Farmer
    * 8 Reasons to read the bible
    * Do you love me?
    * Look at the pulses
    * If you were there
    * Love
    * God go with you
    * What me worry
    * You want me to do what
    * Prayer
    * Do you really believe
    * Sacrifices
    * Love and live
    * A Mirror
    * Temples and Tents
    * Sing a New Song
    * Look To The Rainbow